Meet Joel Lewis, school board candidate

I am writing to show my support for Joel Lewis for the Waunakee School Board. Joel is honest, hard working and extremely passionate about helping others. He has been a servant leader in his careers, his church and his community. Joel wants to be sure all children are valued and included. Joel believes we should share and celebrate our differences so that we can learn from each other and grow as a community. Please come and meet Joel on Saturday, Feb 8, from 10 a.m.-noon and 3-5 p.m. at the Waunakee Public Library in the living room. Light refreshments will be served. Please visit his Facebook page at “Vote for Joel Lewis for Waunakee School Board.” He would love to meet you and hear from you.

Angela Himegarner

Frye would serve our community well

Since the moment she moved to Waunakee in the fall of 1977, Nila Frye has been heavily involved in our community. As a village trustee candidate this year, Nila has my full support and would be a fantastic addition to the board. She has a long history on a long list of committees, including Personnel Parks, Sidewalk, Board of Appeals, Police, Housing Task Force, Ripp Park, Augusta Park, and currently Public Works. It is noteworthy that this service occurred under the leadership of five different village presidents.

She is already extremely knowledgeable about how municipal government works and how to get things done. Chris Zellner himself has commented that Nila does her homework and is always willing to ask the tough questions. She and her husband have spent many years involved with our EMS (including the recent volunteer monument project) and she recently graduated from the Emergency Services Citizens Academy.

Nila has been committed to our schools for a long time as well, including serving on the 1992 high school referendum committee and over 20 years involvement with Waunakee Wrestlebackers. If you vote for Nila on April 7, you will be supporting an individual who you can trust will deliver and has the skills to serve the community to the best of her ability.

Sam Kaufmann

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