Let leaders know how shutdown impacted you

Mitch McConnell or President Trump could have stopped/prevented this last U.S. Government Partial shutdown in a heartbeat, but they both chose tribal political theater instead. I am writing to request that readers who have been significantly affected by this very bad decision write the president, Mr. McConnell, your Senators and Representatives to let them know just how this shutdown has impacted you, your family, your business etc.

As a Retired Professional and Employee Assistance Counselor at a Federal Hospital, I remember what it was like (Government Shutdown of 1995) to be asked to continue to work without pay and without knowledge of when the shutdown might be over. In addition, as an Employee Assistance Counselor, I saw the sometimes devastating effects especially on the lower paid hospital employees who were already struggling from paycheck to paycheck to feed their families, pay the rent or mortgage.

This last shutdown has been estimated to have cost the country over $8 billion dollars, much more than what President Trump requested for his wall. It has affected National Security by crippling Government Departments like TSA, Coast Guard, FBI and many others by threatening the security (pay) of the very dedicated government workers who do courageous and tedious work in protecting U.S. Citizens from outside threats, food contamination, organized crime etc.

For Mr. Trump to order the Coast Guard, the FBI and other Federal Agencies to work indefinitely without pay was an outrageous, irresponsible, reckless criminal act and an abuse of power! Congress should use his poor decisions like this one as a basis for his forced retirement or impeachment. Mr. McConnell should be forced to step aside for his complicity in this abuse of power as he refused to advance bipartisan bills that would have prevented the shutdown and the great suffering experience of government workers, contractors, families of workers, citizens whose flights were canceled and many business that depend on solid services from our government and were badly affected by this unnecessary bad decision.

Please demand legislation from Congressional Leaders that would make Government Shutdowns illegal in the future. As Republican Senator Collins (Maine) says: “No Republican, no Democrat or any citizen or family in our country ever gain from a shutdown.” Simply put, the only thing a shutdown does is hurt a lot of good Americans who don’t deserve the effects of this very incompetent decision.

James E. Daubert

Announcing a write-in candidacy for school board

As a lifelong resident of the area and a graduate of the Waunakee school system, I feel it is time to give something back, so I am announcing my candidacy for the Waunakee School Board representing the towns of Dane and Springfield. It is amazing to see how far our schools have come since I have graduated, and I would like to see that upward trend continue. Currently, I have one son still at Waunakee High School (a junior) and one son who graduated two years ago. I would love the opportunity to keep our great schools and teachers operating at a high level and with your support, I can. I will be running as a write-in candidate, so please fill in my name, Jim Mainguth, at the ballot box and let’s keep our schools great! If you have questions for me, feel free to email me at jim4schoolboard@gmail.com.

Jim Mainguth

Nothing immoral about protecting citizens

When President Trump was elected, he promised to protect this nation. Why is there so much opposition to his idea of securing our border? Nancy Pelosi even calls the wall immoral! What is immoral about protecting our citizens? Just last weekend, the border patrol seized the largest drug bust ever. Enough drugs were confiscated to kill 51 million people and had a street value of over $106 million.

What I find immoral is the Democratic party in New York passing legislation that would allow an abortion of a baby as late as the last month of pregnancy. Even more horrible was the governor of Virginia explaining how a baby can be killed after it is born. He went on to explain that after the baby is born, resuscitated and made comfortable, then the parents and doctor can decide whether the child is worth saving or “killing.” Not only do I find this immoral, inhumane, but evil.

I’ve mentioned in previous letters that I am a legal immigrant and naturalized citizen of this great nation. As a child, my parents and I lived under the Nazi regime when they invaded Poland. This horrible trend in this nation reminds me of the citizens of Germany when they stood by and did nothing when the Nazi’s came into power. Let us not go down that horrible path again.

Astrid Faust

Letters should adhere to word limit

The Jan. 24, 2019, edition of the Waunakee Tribune had a very lengthy Letter to the Editor expressing the T Wall side of the lawsuit against Waunakee. I have no problem with the newspaper printing such a letter. However, it was 671 words in length, published right next to the Tribune’s policy statement about Letters to the Editor needing to be no more than 400 words. When a letter is submitted that is longer than the 400 word limit, it should either be edited or placed in another part of the newspaper as an OpEd to balance other views. If one person or group is allowed more space, ignoring the published word limit, it seems that the newspaper favors one opinion over another. The Tribune’s 400 word limit policy is generous; the Wisconsin State Journal allows 200. But there is also space given for “point/counterpoint” views that exceed the 200 word limit on topics of importance. I’d like to see the Tribune’s 400 word limit policy either eliminated or followed. Thank you.

Maria Patt

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