Scholarship fund drive begins

This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the Waunakee Scholarship Fund. Since its inception in 1966, the fund has awarded $1,165,945 in scholarships to 5,575 students. Last year alone, $55,807 in scholarships was awarded. This has been possible only because of the generosity of our wonderful community.

My name is Amy Beczkiewicz, and I will be one of the 315 graduating seniors from the 2019 class of Waunakee High School. It is anticipated that 85-90% of these graduating students will attend a post-secondary education institution. As college tuition, books, room and board costs keep rising, graduating seniors seek out scholarships to help fulfill their educational goals to attend college.

The annual Waunakee Scholarship Fund is an event that draws not only the graduating seniors together but the community too. All the students participating in the event will be given a scholarship where even the smallest donation will make a big difference for the students who are furthering their education. Your kindness and support will help many students pursue their dreams of a successful education and career.

My classmates and I will be visiting our local neighborhoods on Wednesday, April 17, from 6-8 p.m. If you will not be home that evening and still want to make a donation you can either bring it to the main office at the Waunakee High School or mail it to: Waunakee Scholarship Fund, 301 Community Drive, Waunakee, WI 53597. Please visit the scholarship drive website for more information.

Thank you for your generous support. The Class of 2019, will be forever grateful. I would also like to thank the scholarship committee members for their time and planning of the drive.

Amy Beczkiewicz (UW-Madison)

Tuesday, April 2 is Spring Election Day

We have an array of candidates running for office this spring for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Village Board and School Board. It is important that citizens vote.

There has been much talk since the last election about voter suppression in Wisconsin and throughout the country. One should take their rights as individual very seriously, study the candidates and vote. Complaining about public officials is not enough if you don’t vote.

Laurene Bach

Police, administration should disseminate information

I would like to address the parent whom felt the need to inform the Waunakee Tribune regarding a juvenile charged with second degree sexual assault, claiming that they are “concerned about the dangerous behavior students can exhibit while at drinking parties” and that the student arrested is continuing to participate in Waunakee High School co-curricular. This I feel was not the intent of the information and it was simply to basically call out the juveniles involved in this incident.

Just wondering if this these were either of your children involved, if you would have the same feelings? I do not feel it is your responsibility to inform the paper on this matter and should be left up to Waunakee Administration and the police department. This is an example of not knowing the whole story and what occurred in this situation.

Kelly Kazynski

Concern for development on wetlands

The US Army Corps of Engineers issued a public notice on Feb. 22 which expired March 25 to solicit comments about the proposal to fill in wetlands in the Golden Pond subdivision. The Golden Pond subdivision is near the Meadowbrook park. This is from the application from the Corps. “APPLICATION FOR PERMIT TO discharge dredged or fill material into 1.3 acres of a tributary to Six Mile Creek and into 2.7 acres of adjacent wetlands for the construction of the KNorth Addition to Westbridge residential development.” This is a 63-acre parcel north of Kopp Road and West of the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Line.

I found out about the public notice from a friend and am concerned that Waunakee residents missed out on a chance to weigh in on this. Filling in wetlands near MeadowBrook seems shortsighted. The ballfield and walking track around the field are often soggy. Six Mile Creek was flooded at Village Park for days last week. Any time you fill in wetlands and put homes on the infilled land, it is a risky proposition. Paving over wetlands means there is less porous surface for rain/snow, so more flooding. With global warming, the 100 year rains don’t happen every 100 years anymore. The August 2018 floods in Dane County caused damage that topped $154 million.

I wonder about the ability for these new homeowners to get flood insurance if the subdivision is built on filled in wetlands. Also there is a concern that the changes will lead to more flooding in the Six Mile Creek area. I am not an engineer, but these are items that should at least be addressed. The village plan commission has approved this subdivision and it will be going before the village board at some point. It is too late to make comments to the Army Corps of Engineers, but please contact your trustees, Dane County representative, and legislators if you have concerns. the link below has more information about the proposal.

Here is the link to the Public Notice from the Army Corps of Engineers. If you aren’t reading this online, google: Westbridge Farms Public Notice.

Linda Ashmore

TIF not always needed

The Festival food store has revised their stance that they needed TIF money for the Festival Food Store to go in. Last week’s headline was “Festival: NO TIF needed for store”. Since HyVee was requesting TIF funding, the folks from Festival could undercut HyVee’s proposal after over a year of working on a proposal. Surprise, TiF money isn’t always needed. In this case, there were apples to apples comparison since the stores being proposed were across the street from each other.

I challenge every developer to come in with proposals that don’t need TIF money. Development will happen in Waunakee without TIF incentives. Hopefully the village will adopt a policy with the goal of development without TIF funding paying for it. Since 2015, there have been 5 TIF proposals. Four TIF’s have been approved, and the Woodland Crest TIF for HyVee has been discussed. Perhaps it would be wise for the village to see how development occurs without TIF incentives. This would provide a truer picture of whether development will occur without TIF funding.

Endres Manufacturing, expanded without TIF money, stores in the Village Mall on Q remodel without TIF dollars, and new businesses go in to the mall without incentives. I hope Festival Foods proposal going ahead without TIF assistance sets a precedent for the Village of Waunakee.

Added March 25 after Village board meeting: It was announced at the Village board meeting that HyVee removed the request for TIF funding. Interesting!!!!


Nila Frye

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