Economic vitality is alive and strong in Waunakee

The Waunakee Area Chamber of Commerce is sharing our position on economic development in Waunakee.

When the Chamber was established in 1979, a primary driver of the mission was to support the Village in economic development, growth, and revitalization. Today, this objective is the cornerstone of our business advocacy efforts and community involvement.

The Chamber continues to advocate economic development strategies that emphasize job growth, the expansion of the number of tax paying businesses and residents, along with the overall betterment of the Waunakee Community that we are all proud of.

The Chamber supports the direction that the Village of Waunakee is taking on economic development.

We are grateful for the leadership and vision that has been demonstrated by so many leaders and individuals. These people dedicate their time and expertise in helping Waunakee gain an understanding of the numerous assets and opportunities that we have.

Ensuring that Waunakee is open for business is crucial to increasing economic activity. This proactive approach is proving to be successful today and is laying the foundation for future generations to come.

The Chamber remains committed to working with government officials and businesses groups that advocate for strategies and efforts that promote the community and enhance the quality of life we all enjoy.

In closing, on behalf of the Waunakee Chamber of Commerce, and in partnership with local government entities, we are dedicated to proactive business development.

We welcome input and support in continuing cooperative efforts that we believe are essential to building a community that is viable and strong and that will move Waunakee forward... where there are opportunities, there is optimism; where there is optimism there is economic vitality!

Respectfully submitted by:

Ellen K. Schaaf, Waunakee Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Kevin Piette, Chamber Board President

Support for cross country team is awesome

A new school year is quickly closing in and I wanted to send a note and express my appreciation before classes begin.

Our cross country season kicks off this coming Monday. We have slightly more athletes than we’ve had in previous years and that is good. You’ll see us frequently along the streets in and around Waunakee heading off to the many Village parks we use or using specific routes around town. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, before school starts, you’ll see us on our bikes in the evening between 5:30 and 7:00 p.m. getting in the second workout of the day. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we build an even stronger team this year. It is greatly appreciated.

We express our utmost appreciation to the Waunakee Fire Department and Brian Adler for allowing us to host our first team car wash which helped to raise funds to supplement new uniforms this year. We saw random acts of generosity and kindness extended to our kids and we greatly appreciate those as well. Hopefully, those that stopped in for a car wash drove away with a much cleaner car.

The enthusiasm and support we’ve seen from our community for our distance program and runners is outstanding. As I stood along the sidelines at the Waunafest Run a few weeks ago, I noticed how many of our athletes (current, past and future), were out there having fun alongside their teammates, parents and friends. We had a great turnout. It was awesome to see.

Thank you for your continued support!

Heather Martens-Raffel Waunakee High School Head Coach, Boys and Girls Cross Country

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