Poems for March

Dear readers,

For fans of my aunt Florence Koltes Harwood’s amateur pomes, I include this for March.

Erin go Bragh (1950)

St. Patrick, speaking, “I greet you from heaven as through the green meadows I bounce.

No golden streets are remaining in heaven

Since gold reached 700 an ounce.

Tis no matter, I like better the green fields

And though heaven is certainly grand,

Still many’s the time I get homesick

For my darling old Ireland.”


Dear folks: Please don’t forget to remember that ever since the 21st of December, there are two more minutes of daylight each day.

So you can see better to shovel the snow away.

James P. Koltes

Be sure to vote

on April 2

I’ve spent the past year closely following Village government. I am very concerned about what I have seen and experienced.

First, the number of instances of lack of transparency exhibited by Village Board. This is very frustrating for citizens who want to be engaged in matters facing the Village and its growth. Last year, there were 24 Board meetings — 13 of those meetings, or 54 percent, had at least one closed session. Any time the Village Board closes a meeting to the Public, the trust that Public places in the Village Board becomes strained. It is understandable that, at times, portions of certain topics need to be discussed more discreetly. However, the more often the Public is not allowed to participate in the democratic process, the more likely is the assumption of skullduggery.

Adequately responding to Public concerns is an issue as well. I have attended the Listening Sessions offered by members of the Village Board and I’ve found them very educational and enlightening. These sessions are great opportunities to learn about some of the issues facing Village growth. I commend the Board for providing these sessions. However, when a petition signed by hundreds of citizens asking for the denial of the downtown height increase for the Hovde project was ignored, one has to wonder if the Listening Sessions are just there to placate the Public.

It is our civic duty and responsibility as residents of this community to elect representatives who will represent everyone equally, stand up for open government, and endorse the implementation of fair practices and procedures at Village Hall. We are lucky to have new candidates for the village board: Ann Lewandowski, Mary Heimbecker, and write-in for Village President Frank Bergman. These candidates strongly favor increased transparency, minimizing the number of closed sessions, promoting housing that is more inclusive for broader segments of our population, and welcoming citizen participation. Take the time to read about the candidates in next week’s Tribune, “Like” all three campaigns on Facebook, and attend one of the three candidate forums taking place in the coming few weeks.

Please vote for Ann Lewandowski and Mary Heimbecker for Village Board and write-in Frank Bergman for Village Board President on April 2. Remember to fill in the circle to the left of the blank if you take advantage of the Frank Bergman write-in so your vote will count.

Kevin Nies

Thankful to live in Waunakee

Thank you, Waunakee. There are so many reasons to be thankful. Sometimes, our lives get so busy that we fall short in recognizing the good work of others. The good work of others is what makes our community simply amazing! And one of the many reasons that make Waunakee so desirable, vibrant, and extraordinary to live in is our volunteers who devote their time – serving and leading our community as a whole. Thank you neighbors, friends, family, and veterans. Thank you Village of Waunakee: Village Board, Community Services, Police Department, Fire Department, EMS, Public Works, Parks and Recreation, for your time, leadership and service. Thank you Waunakee Schools: Superintendent, school board, administrative staff, teachers, coaches, and facility maintenance, for shaping our youth. Thank you clubs, organizations, and outreach services for giving your time helping others – young and old. Thank you area businesses for continuing to invest in Waunakee – helping support our community. Thank you for working TOGETHER. It truly takes a village...because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together –providing a better tomorrow. Together we are stronger. And...together, we are Waunakee.

With sincere thanks,

Angie Docherty

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