Airbnb’s have many advantages

In the most recent newspaper, there was an article about Airbnb’s. I think people are getting a little over excited about this.

We have a house in Georgia where we do Airbnb. We have never had a complaint or problems with renters in the four years we have been doing it. We read reviews on the people before they rent. If there aren’t reviews we contact them to ask questions. We have many return customers, grad students coming to meet with professors, families coming for weddings, graduations, or just coming for a visit. Many come to football games. We also have had people escaping hurricanes. Our renters are mostly over 45 years old. Renters normally leave the houses as clean as they got it. We have on our Airbnb page that there will be no parties of events. Our special insurance doesn’t allow them

We have personally used them in Europe and cities around the United States. It is nice to have our family all together and be able to cook a meal, especially with kids. It gives kids more room to move around.

I feel it is a plus for communities to allow them. Waunakee is not going to get very many people coming here for events in Madison. It it too inconvenient. People want to be near where their event is.

Laurene Bach

AirBNB... Another viewpoint

The sharing economy is growing around the world, Uber, Airbnb, Zip Car, etc. It will continue to expand and it takes a while to adapt to the change. These businesses provide opportunities for millions of people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Uber first received great criticism and now is widely accepted.

AirBNB is an affordable and enjoyable way for families to travel. Guests are not there to disrupt the neighbors or steal property. They do not have to be vigilantly watched nor should they be as it violates their rights and some laws especially if minors are involved. Guests’ identities are verified with a background check on the person making the reservation. Similar to Uber, a dual rating system protects both parties. VRBO was founded in 1995. The arrival of AirBNB has changed how travelers vacation. If you enjoy AirBNB as a guest, what is the concern about a host.

Until now, hotels’ only competition has been Campsites. Aug. 16-17, Kalahari ($500-$1800/ night) and Sundara ($900/night). Marriott (largest hotelier) conducted a pilot program in Europe, incorporating AirBNB into their portfolio. It was so widely accepted that they are bringing it to the U.S. competition decreases costs making it more affordable for everyone. Hosts comply with the laws, licensing and pay taxes.

AirBNB is an opportunity to have a small business using your largest asset, your home. Consider the elderly who need a reverse mortgage to be able to stay in their home. One host said he was able to pay some unexpected bills and another guest said how AirBNB allowed them to travel with elderly parents which was impossible in a hotel.

Facts: 44,000 airbnb travelers visited Dane County (2018). Average Spend: $118/person. Home businesses are prominent due to technology. Whether it’s Amazon/Ebay sellers, Amway, Avon, or any other home business, activity is on the rise.

Hosts continue to improve the house rules to make a positive experience for the guests/ neighbors. If rules aren’t followed, guests are asked to leave and forfeit their security deposit. We say, HATE has no home here. All are welcome. Waunakee is a loving community and we want to share our town with them.

We have hosted amazing families as well as Presidents/CEOs, Epic employees, professional athletes, great-grandparents and more. If you keep an open mind, you might like them.

Greg & Lory Goetsch

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