Waunakee Wanted

With Sue Springman’s resignation, the village board has big shoes to fill. The decision to not go with the next highest vote getter (me) was a slap for people who voted for me in the spring. I know that there are people who voted for Springman and me. I hope you speak up. I am a firm believer that if people are interested in becoming a trustee, they should put the blood, sweat and tears into running.

Running for office isn’t easy, it is time consuming, and you might lose. But the secret is, it is worth it. The support you receive knocking on doors is amazing, and you learn far more about your community than you can imagine. If you want to run, I will help you — even if I decide to run in the same race because I believe Waunakee is served well by competitive elections, not made worse for it.

But, I will try to reframe the decision to both tap people on the shoulder and take applications as an opportunity for someone who voted for both Springman and I to join me in applying for the vacancy. Yes, even though my services have been declined, I believe I owe it to the 1,408 people who cast their ballots to ensure that I am resilient enough to apply. It is clear the choice won’t be me, but I will not allow anyone the easy out by not applying.

Applications for the current vacancy will be available next week and considered at the July 15 Trustee meeting.

Ann Lewandowski

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