Concert was well appreciated

The Community Band concert along with the Holiday Choir on Sunday at the High School PAC was wonderful. I was fortunate to attend with my four generation family.

Thank you to the directors and all of the musicians for sharing their gifts of music!


Heather Meyer

Concert was wonderful start to holiday season

A special thanks to Jan Tweed, Toby Schucha, and the members of the Waunakee Community Band – and also to Jerry Johnson’s Holiday Chorus for a wonderful Holiday Celebration of Music on Sunday, Dec. 2. It takes a great deal of work, time, and commitment from its members. It is truly a “Community” project – too bad attendance is so low. Everyone wants to tout “Community” – and this group does it – all year around. Too bad there isn’t as much enthusiasm for it – every event can’t be a “Crazy Sweater Run”, “Wine on Main”, or other event. I realize that children’s sports are important and that adult sports watching (Packers) gets a lot of attention – however, remember that the Community Band and Holiday Chorus took time to give this Community a wonderful start to this Holiday Season – I especially liked the “Hannukkah Dance” piece – it was very appropriate for the first day of Hannukkah!

Robert Allen Rancourt

Use clear metrics when reviewing developments

Terrance Wall’s lawsuit reminds me how important the fight for object criteria remains for development in the village. Waunakee should promote the use of data-driven decision making and use clear metrics when reviewing developments. Our desire for flexible local decision making has been overridden by Act 67.

One of these metrics should be density. There have been calls at Village Hall to increase it (targeting downtown). Density can be good alleviating urban sprawl, minimizing utility cost, and saving farmland. All admirable goals. Density can assist in creating transportation supporting nodes – something identified as a goal in our 2016 Comprehensive Plan. The Plan omits the number needed to achieve the goal. This reduces the village’s ability to operationalize the goal.

There is risk involved. Overdoing density can have negative impacts, such as terrible traffic, loss of privacy, and potentially changing the character of the village. We need to hit the goldilocks zone. I found the Lincoln Institute of Land Use Policy helpful in learning more about how to design density in ways that promote positive outcomes.

We cannot afford to ignore such a critical criteria, yet Waunakee only tracks housing starts not density. Identifying the current state keeps us from overbuilding in areas were infrastructure is stressed and ensures we are maximizing the resource our decision makers are so worried about – available land for annexation. Defining point A allows us to begin to build the path to point B in an intelligent and reasonable manner. Clearly delineated measures will ensure everyone has skin in the game. The measures can then be applied equally and without bias. I hope this, and many other criteria, are incorporated into a checklist that is released in the planning commission package for every new development.

Ann Lewandowski

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