Investment in the arts is an investment in the future

I am writing to thank our members and community for their generous financial support of River Arts Inc, and to ask that they continue this support with other local, state, and national arts organizations.

All too often, arts are considered “frills”, the non-necessary programs that are first to be cut from budgets and government support. I believe this is a mistake.

Investment in the arts and creativity is an investment in Wisconsin’s future. Wisconsin’s nonprofit arts and cultural sector is a $535 million industry, resulting in nearly $65 million in local and state tax revenues, 22,872 in full-time equivalent jobs and $479 million in resident income (source: Americans for the Arts and Wisconsin Arts Board).

Organizations like Arts Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Arts Board do fantastic work advocating for the arts, but they face growing challenges. Declining grant funding and lack of government support make it harder to bring the arts to those who need it most.

In this new era of state and national politics, I hope people remember that the arts are a vital component to our community and our country. Please consider donating to your local, statewide, or national arts organization this tax season.

Thank you,

Kristina Coopman

River Arts, Inc.

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