Truth and lies

The “truth” about lie detecting is the authorities are still trying to determine if a person is telling the truth. They seem to be trying three methods:

1. The oldest one is “lie detector” or “polygraph” testing.

2. The tap into the brain to try to determine if there is a “disturbance in the brain” when they are lying.

3. And the third way is using a “computer voice stress analysis” to tell if there is a change in their voice when they are lying.

If a person has a good, honest working conscience, all of these three methods will work.

However, if a person has a distorted conscience, then none of these three methods will work because there will be no disturbance in the brain.

One example of a distorted conscience is if a person believes that they can’t do wrong because they “don’t want to.”

In this situation, none of these three lie detecting methods will work because there will be no disturbance in the brain.

No one can make anyone take a lie detector test according to authorities.

Alfred Barman

White House should be shuttered, too

If our federal government is shut down, the White House should be also shuttered, and the entire staff should be furloughed for the duration. This should include the pastry chef and the president’s personal hair dresser. All utilities should also be cut off.

Several Porta-potties could be placed on the front lawn. Candles should be provided for sorely needed illumination in the Oval Office. Air Force One and Marine One should be grounded and any rips to Mar-a-Lago made by public transit.

Our first lady could make use of her culinary skills or depend on Big Mac takeouts.

William Plendl

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