Protect yourself from medical identity theft

I would like to congratulate the Waunakee Cares Coalition, Waunakee Police Department, and MERI for the success of the Drug Take Back Day on Saturday April 27. Sharps disposal, in particular, can be a very challenging issue to individuals, and it is heartwarming to see the community rally to provide such a needed service.

As a volunteer, I saw many prescription bottles dropped off with the labels intact. I want to provide a reminder of how sensitive this information is. Please take the simple step to protect yourself from by removing all prescription labels before disposing of the bottles. Treat these labels the same way you would a signed check. These labels contain a significant amount information that can be used maliciously to obtain medical goods or services. Medical identity theft is real and heartbreaking.

Thank you.

Ann Lewandowski

Festival Foods is best choice

Having worked in the Grocery business for the last 44 years, 30 of them in the Madison area market, I would like to give my opinion of why Festival Foods would be our best choice for a new grocery store in Waunakee.

No. 1, Festival is a Wisconsin company having served Wisconsin communities for over 75 years. Festival’s vision statement is to win in the Grocery business for the benefit of our associates, communities and guests! This is a huge statement!

Associates live in the communities around our stores! Communities are important to us. We are active participants in numerable community activities (fireworks, local food pantries, and civic organizations)! Guests, we realize that exceeding the expectations of our guests (customers) is the only way we will succeed. I have had the pleasure of spending my last eight years working for Festival, and it is truly a company that lives up to these lofty statements. I can guarantee that the community of Waunakee would look back and be proud to have Festival a partner in the community.

Paul Anderson

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