Two more grocery stores – No

Remember when the Koltes store here in Waunakee was empty for some time?

I thought it would be a place for a grocery store – parking and all. When shopping in Madison, I talked to some of the grocery store managers and told them about the Koltes store. The consensus was that the population would have to be 15,000 or more for them to consider having a store. The Koltes store was eventually rebuilt with a TIF.

Let’s compare the two new stores being projected:

HyVee – It would be located on the southwest corner of Woodland Drive and Hwy. Q.

-Traffic going east from four-way stop is moderate.

-The building is father from the stoplight at the corner of Hwy. Q and Woodland Drive.

-Shopping from the high school and possibly from people before and after school functions would be easier.

Festival – It would be on the southwest corner of Woodland Drive and Hwy. Q.

-The traffic going west from the stoplights toward the new school is heavy now.

-Noise from area for people in homes all along Woodland Drive to tolerate.

I would not like to live across the street from a grocery store that is open 24 hours a day, would you?

Two more grocery stores – no – maybe we could end up with a big empty store to deal with again.

Ann Helt

Former Waunakee Village President

Scholarship drive supports students

I would like to thank the Waunakee community and businesses who have donated to the 2019 Waunakee Scholarship Drive. As winter FINALLY has begun to let up here in southern Wisconsin, it is time to begin the preparations for graduation. This is an incredibly busy part of the year for myself and the rest of my class as we prepare for the next chapter of our lives. One of the many opportunities my classmates and I have taken to help prepare for college was to be a part of this spring’s Waunakee Scholarship Drive. Personally, as a future commercial aviation major I have been taking every opportunity possible to help foot the bill for my college education and I know the same is true for the rest of the senior class. This scholarship drive is a great way to help support the young people in our community and help us achieve our dreams in the years to come. We are still taking donations. If you would still like to help us reach our goal and contribute to the fund, donations can be dropped off at the High School office or sent directly to the Waunakee Scholarship Fund, 301 Community Drive, Waunakee. Every donation is greatly appreciated! For more information please visit

Thank you and happy spring!

Ryan Badger

University of North Dakota Class of 2023

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