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My parents and I became refugees after losing our homeland due to World War II. After living in DP camps and in two different countries, we heard about America from an aunt who had immigrated to this country. My parents became excited with the prospect of finding a permanent home. The process was not easy. First, we had to find a sponsor. After hearing that the Presbyterian Church in Wausau would sponsor us, we had to take physicals, x-rays and inoculations. This was a precaution that the U.S. government required to ensure we were fit to work and that we were not carrying any diseases. Welfare had not been thought of back then, and my parents found employment as soon as possible. We did not want to burden the church with taking care of us.

What kind of message are we sending around the world to other refugees waiting their turn to enter this great nation legally when they see thousands each month crossing our border illegally?

One of the responsibilities of being president is to defend and protect this nation. President Clinton put into law that illegal immigrant children cannot be held in detention longer than 20 days. President bush and President Obama also followed that law. Why the sudden outrage when this occurred years before our current president? I know the heartache of separation. I didn’t see my father for four years growing up. President Trump did just sign a law to reunite the children with their parents.

For the sake and future of our nation, let’s look at the actual problem. People crossing the border illegally are breaking the law. Some of the children are arriving without parents or people claiming to be their parents. What happens to children in this country when their parents break the law? Yes, sadly, there are thousands of children also separated from their parents. Their parents broke the law, and their children wind up either living in poverty, being homeless or in foster care. They do not receive all the taxpayer benefits, in some cases, free tuition, that the illegal kids get.

We keep hearing that this country has a drug addiction epidemic with thousands dying every year. That is another concern about our border not being secure. Over 80 percent of drugs enter our country through the southern border. We have brave men and women working and risking their lives to protect us. The most despicable phrase I heard from a candidate running for governor of New York was referring to ICE as Nazis. I lost family members, etc. to the horror under their rule, and I’m sure that brings back many horrible memories for many people.

The Obama administration started a trend of using taxpayer dollars to assist illegal aliens in deportations. One such example is Baltimore, spending $200,000 to pay for lawyers to represent them. Baltimore has the nation’s highest per capital homicide rate and has been coined the deadliest big city in the U.S. Is this really the way to use taxpayer dollars when we face homeless veterans and poverty stricken areas in the U.S.? That is just one example.

As a sovereign country, we have the right and duty to protect our borders. Try crossing into any nation without an I.D. or any paper work, and you’ll be arrested. In my lifetime, I’ve lived through losing my homeland. I’m a proud American, and I don’t want the same fate for this nation. Forget about being either a Democrat or a Republican and think about what is best for this country.

Astrid Faust

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