Would parents in the Milton School District be comfortable having their student physically go to school in fall?

About 82% said yes if the school board and administration, after considering various sources of information, determined it is permissible to allow in-person instruction.

Superintendents in Rock County school districts with the help of Donovan Group recently conducted an online survey.

In the Milton School District, 1,857 people responded. Of those, 75% will have school-age children in the fall and about 70% have children currently attending a public school. About 14% of the respondents are employed by a public school district.

Of those with school-age children, about 59% are in elementary school, 37% are in high school, 28% will be in middle school and about 12% will be in preschool.

The most preferred educational delivery option (about 53%) is “all learning is conducted in school.” Next (about 36%) is a hybrid model that allows students to participate both in person and online (Children would physically attend school at different times or on different days.). About 9% prefer all learning to be done remotely.

What factors make the survey respondents feel more comfortable?

Nearly 86% said having sanitizing supplies, including hand sanitizers, readily available while about 84% said daily cleaning and sanitizing of classrooms and other gathering spaces.

About 67% would feel more comfortable if symptom checks were required of employees before entering school and 64% would feel more comfortable if symptom checks were required of students.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services and CDC guidance being followed is important to the comfort of about 60%. About the same percent said maintaining social distancing protocols, where reasonably possible, would make them feel more comfortable.

What about wearing masks? About 40% would feel more comfortable with staff mask usage, about 33% would feel more comfortable with student mask usage.

Superintendent Rich Dahman said: “We are very glad to see this level of response to the county-wide survey. The district is grateful to have such an engaged community. As we continue in our planning for the coming school year, this information is greatly appreciated.”

The Milton School District administration team plans to present an outline of its reopening plan during Monday’s school board meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the district office, 448 E. High St. The meeting also will be available through Google Meet.

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