Daniel Darrow and wife Kelly are brightening up Deerfield this May.

They’re organizing the Deerfield Driveway Decorating Contest, an outdoor art contest using sidewalk chalk.

“(It) just seems like a fun way to bring some color to the neighborhood and get kids out of the house,” Darrow said.

Darrow said the idea came from being invited to participate in the holiday lights contest in Deerfield this winter, which “encouraged decorating in the neighborhood,” Darrow said.

“We just thought it was so much fun to be a part of that,” he continued.

Darrow works in retail and has seen an increase in sidewalk chalk sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. His family thought it would be a great opportunity for some fun during the health crisis.

Darrow said he purchased dozens of boxes of chalk to give out to people wanting to join in the contest.

He recently partnered with the Deerfield School District, to hand out boxes of chalk along with 160 meals that were being picked up by or delivered to families.

Darrow said he wanted to “get chalk into people’s hands” and put his government-issued stimulus check to good use.

“We just want to give people stuff to look forward to,” Darrow said.

The contest runs until May 25. Participants should post their entries to the contest’s Facebook page, with the age of the artist. Winners will be chosen May 30.

Artists will win prizes for their work: $50 for the most likes on Facebook, $50 for the best artist 12 and under, $50 for the best artist 13 and over, and $25 for the most inspirational message.

Darrow said there have been many adults in the community entering as well.

“It’s not just for kids,” Darrow said. “Anyone can draw something in chalk. The whole neighborhood can get out and draw something.”

Darrow also said if people have gravel driveways, they can still participate, by drawing on boards or posters outside their house.

For more information, you can contact Darrow at deerfielddriveway@gmail.com.

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