The Oakland Town Board was dismayed to read (Aug. 8) that we had somehow muddied the waters regarding the Intergovernmental Agreement between the Town and the Village of Cambridge. On the contrary we believe that our action in petitioning to annex the three streets to the Village brought clarity to the issue and was in furtherance of the agreement. Allow us to explain.

The property on the west side of Potter Rd beginning at North Street and proceeding to Hwy 18 is 95% in the Village of Cambridge. Only a small parcel on the corner of Blue Jay Way remains in the Town. On the east side of Potter Rd beginning at Blue Jay Way and running to Grace Lane 100% of the property is in the village. The remaining 4 parcels from Grace to Hwy 18 are in the Town with only two driveways exiting onto Potter. Clearly 75%+ of Potter is controlled by the Village. The vast majority of vehicle traffic on Potter is generated by the High School and Grace Lutheran Church. This is functionally a Village road.

The property on the south side of Blue Jay Way from Potter Rd to Simonsen Street is 100% within the Village. The property on the north side of Blue Jay Way from Simonsen Street to the end of the High School property is 100% within the Village. Only two parcels east of the High School remain within the Town. Once again about 80% of Blue Jay Way is controlled by the Village. Virtually 98% of the traffic on Blue Jay way is generated by the High School or Village residents. Once again, this is functionally a Village Road.

Understanding this, is there any question that the action by the Town to annex these streets to the Village is clearly the right and proper action? This action is in clearly in keeping with the intent of the Intergovernmental Agreement.

The Town appreciates that the case with North Street is different. While the majority of residences on North Street are in the Town, it was in keeping with the spirit of the agreement that the Town also sought to annex North Street to the Village. The Town has offered to deal with and fund the correction of a water issue on North Street.

Clearly, the Town Board took an action that would give the Village total control of streets that are functionally theirs and would be in furtherance of the existing Intergovernmental Agreement.

-The Oakland Town Board

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