A Chicago firm behind a massive Iowa County solar farm is eyeing a potentially large solar project near Cambridge.

Representatives from Invenergy will speak and answer questions at a community meeting Thursday, Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. at the Christiana Town Hall, 773 Koshkonong Road, Cambridge.

In an Sept. 10email to the Cambridge News & Deerfield Independent, Aidan O’Connor, a renewable development analyst with Invenergy, said he is the “project developer of the proposed Invenergy solar farm located in Christiana Township.”

The project is “in very early stage development,” O’Connor wrote.

“We are actively leasing land within the township and have started what will be a long-term development process,” O’Connor wrote.

Christiana Town Chairman Maureen Lien said in an interview that the town has little information. However, based on the amount of private property Invenergy appears to be pursuing leases for, the company looks to be considering a large solar farm, Lien said.

“I know that they are out there signing leases with farmers,” Lien said.

Lien said Invenergy representatives were invited to Christiana to provide accurate information to local residents.

“They are going to tell the public what Invenergy does and what a project looks like,” Lien said. “They are going to have several people here that can answer people’s questions, and they’ll have a solar panel to... see what that looks like. That’s about what I know.”

Invenergy is currently developing the 3,500-acre, 300-megawatt Badger Hollow Solar Farm in Iowa County. According to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission’s website, Badger Hollow is expected to be operating by 2020 and may have up to 1.2 million solar panels.

The Public Service Commission voted in April to allow Badger Hollow’s construction to go forward.

The Christiana project would also ultimately need Public Service Commission approval.

Invenergy’s main office is in Chicago with regional offices elsewhere in the United States and in Canada, Mexico, Japan and Europe. The company has developed more than 140 renewable energy projects worldwide that have involved “wind, solar, natural gas-fueled power generation and energy storage,” according to its website, invenergyllc.com.

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