The 18-hole Play of the Day for Tuesday, June 16, was recording your better nine after deducting half of your handicap. In Flight 1 there was a tie between Joyce Gehler and Betty Reay. Also tied for the Flight 2 was Charlene Cederberg and Wendy Lehr. Cindy Hartman and Sharon Lund shared Flight 3. There were two birdies, one by Sharon Lund on #8 and one by Kathy Tranchita on #12. Four players split the sunken approaches, they were Joyce Gehler, #1; Betty Litscher, #5; Kathy Tranchita, #12; and April Mickelson, #14. The Blind Bogey was split between Pat Clifford, Pat Gahan, Joyce Gehler, and Jan Tremain.

Golf results for the 9-hole group included Flight 1, first place Virginia Newcome, June Schuler second, with third place ties between Mary Ann Zwaska, Denise Lind, Barb Lyon, Sue Buell, and Jacki Slinde. Low putts went to Barb Lyon in first, Mary Ann Zwaska, second and third place went to Virginia Newcomb. Flight 2 winners were first place, Jan Benzinger; second, Jane Spindler; and third place ties between Vicki O’Kane, Marilyn Lueder & Lora Kautzer. Low putts, first place, Vicki O’Kane, and a 4-way tie for second place between Jan Benzinger, Jane Spindler, Marilyn Lueder and Lora Kautzer. Flight 3 first place had a tie between Barb Johnston and Gina Eggert. Second place went to Julie Clark. Low putts in Flight 3 went to Barb Johnston and second place, Gina Eggert.

Bridge results for the week include Ann Lucas and Betty Litscher on Tuesday and the Thursday results included Carole Wollin and Sarah Baird.

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