This week’s Lake Ripley Country Club Women’s Organization 18-hole play of the day was called bookends. The total of the first 5 holes and the last 4 minus ½ of a player’s handicap resulted in Betty Litscher taking first place in Flight #1 with low putts going to Sarah Baird. Carol Zimbric took Flight #2 and low putts honors as well. There was a tie between Cindy Hartman and Pat Gahan for Flight #3. Pat Gahan had low putts. Betty Litscher had her first birdie of the season on #11 and the sunken approaches for the week included Sarah Baird #4; Sharon Lund #8, and Betty Litscher on #11. Blind Bogie went to Wendy Lehr this week.

Nine hole golfers enjoyed a sunny round of golf too! Flight 1 winner was Jackie Slinde with a tie for low putts between Mary Ann Szwaska and Barb Lyon. Flight 2 winner was Pam Reich who also won low putts. Flight 3 winner was Marti Tenzer who also scored low putts for the flight. Julie Clark and Marilyn Lueder had second place low putts for Flight 3. Marilyn Lueder also scored a sunken approach this week!

Bridge results for the week include Linda Teske and Patricia Cook on Tuesday and the Thursday results included Betty Reay and Carol Schneider.

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