I write to clear up any misconceptions that may exist in regard to a fireplace being discussed in the plans for a new Fire and EMS building. The idea was mine and mine alone.

I was hoping that I would be able to use my contacts and cash in some goodwill to get a fireplace donated and installed in the lounge area as a show of appreciation for my fellow firefighters and EMTs. I, in turn, would have donated the labor and materials for the construction of a stone veneer. At our initial space needs meeting, I asked the architect to put a place holder in that area of the design for such a fireplace in case I was successful in pursuing my idea.

In the second needs meeting, Cambridge Village President and Fire Commission member Mark McNally took issue with the idea of the fireplace. Irritated, I told him that I wasn’t going to beat my head against a wall trying to donate even more to the fire department than I already do and immediately withdrew my offer and turned to the designer and told him to remove the fireplace.

The idea was intended to be a labor of love for my peers and to provide a place of warmth for them to escape the rigors of the jobs we do. After reading the comments reported in an article covering the Cambridge Village Board’s discussion about the station, I feel the very idea of the fireplace is being used as a way to chum the waters and to somehow show we are trying to build a Taj Mahal.

What we are trying to design is a station that should meet our needs for at least the next 40 years. We only want to go to the well once, and much of the station is far, far cheaper to build now.

After the design is complete and we can finally begin meeting with the public, we will be holding informational meetings in each and every municipality we serve. At this point I am sure all will see that the station is very well thought out and will responsibly meet our needs now and well into the future.

- Tim Scott, First Assistant Chief, Cambridge Volunteer Fire Department

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