Stand up for public schools march

From June 22 to 25, parents, grandparents, school board members, administrators, educators, and local community members are participating in a Stand Up for Public Schools March from Palmyra to Madison.

Marchers and supporters will be making a “whistle stop” in Cambridge on their way to the Capitol at approximately 12:30 pm on Sunday, June 23. Please come to the Cambridge High School Commons at that time to cheer on the marchers and hear speeches while they refuel for the long march ahead. Also, marchers are invited to march any distance, short or long, but should register at the link below so that they can be counted in the march.

Learn more and register here:

We’re marching because we believe that regardless of where a child lives In Wisconsin, they deserve an equally excellent public education. The Palmyra School District may face dissolution soon based on the fact that their most recent referendum for operating costs did not pass last April. Small, rural towns like Palmyra, Cambridge, Deerfield and Marshall are inordinately negatively impacted when our state leaders play political games. When parents complain to their state representatives about the lack of equity in the state funding formula, some have been told to “get ready to let go let go of Friday night football or get ready to consolidate.” Both of these scenarios are unnecessary and unacceptable.

We’re marching 60 miles for 60% special education reimbursement so that ALL kids in ALL schools can get what they need to thrive. The current reimbursement rate for special education (25%) is the worst in the nation for states that fund special ed like we do. The Wisconsin education budget currently reimburses private voucher schools in the Special Needs Voucher Program at the rate of 90%. Our public schools deserve at least an increase to 60%.

We’re marching because the increase in per pupil spending in the 2019-20 budget is not a “historic investment”. The increase does not even keep pace with inflation.

We’re marching because we believe our public schools are the heart of our communities and it’s our public responsibility to invest in them.

We’re marching because 860,000 Wisconsin students are counting on us.

- Catherine Manakas, Fort Atkinson

Cemetery walk

The Cemetery Board of East Koshkonong Lutheran Church would like to thank everyone who helped with the Cemetery Walk – Stories from the Stones on Saturday, May 25. It was a great success. We had visitors from local neighbors in Cambridge, Deerfield, Edgerton, Fort Atkinson, Janesville, Rockdale, Stoughton, to Brooklyn, Hartford, Madison, (WI) and even North Dakota. Our greeters welcomed our guests, gave out list of East Koshkonong Veterans, and a cemetery map; storytellers shared stories, charts and pictures of their ancestors; our bakers far exceeded our expectations with a generous supply of cookies; Steve Gill recorded the events of the day; many hands and strong backs set up tables, water coolers, bulletin boards, and manned golf carts. Koshkonong Prairie Historical Society showed the film “Kaskeland: Queen of the Norwegian-American Settlements– Koshkonong Prairie, WI”.

West Koshkonong also had storytellers at their cemetery and St. Paul’s Liberty provided a handout of their Cemetery pioneers. Ron Anderson was at the Anderson farm to share stories of church pioneers.

Our church family is truly a family in action. God’s work is through our hands. THANK YOU to all for sharing God given talents and skills.

- East Koshkonong Lutheran Church

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