I first met Kate McGinnity over thirty years ago, when she was a special education teacher in Sun Prairie and my son John was one of her students with autism. I can’t fully express the gratitude I still have for “Katie” (as we knew her) to this day for the way she transformed my son’s life. She was a caring, loving teacher who was instrumental in developing and implementing strategies to make John’s everyday life easier and draw out his personality. She was relentless in advocating for my son, and I know she’s done the same for countless students and families in communities all across Wisconsin.

I live in Stoughton now and I was so excited when I learned Kate was running to be my Dane County Board Supervisor. I know Kate will be the same relentless advocate for District #37 on the County Board that she was for my son decades ago. She’s spent most of her career advocating for children and families through her work as an autism specialist with school districts. She’s navigated the complex bureaucracy of Dane County human service programs – she knows what works and what doesn’t.

Part of the reason Kate has always been such an effective advocate for her students is because she always came prepared. She does her homework, and she’s already been doing her homework to prepare for this job. I know she’s been out in all the communities of District #37, knocking on our doors and hearing the issues that matter to us. I know she’ll be an effective advocate to address issues like rural broadband access, expanded transportation services for seniors and low-income families, and so much more. Join me in supporting Kate McGinnity for Dane County Board and and voting for her on April 7.

- Linda Westby, Stoughton

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