The Waterloo School Board has accepted the resignation of a teacher who worked for the district less than two weeks.

In the letter, the teacher, Jacob Nachtigal, first explained that his reason for leaving was what he felt to be a lack of COVID-19 precautions. He stated there was a contradiction between the district’s refusal to offer a virtual option for students but telling teachers to be prepared with no overarching guidance.

He also listed disagreements with administration and how he could never be a part of the Waterloo community.

Vice President Kate Lewandowski brought the letter up for discussion during the board’s meeting on Monday, Oct. 11.

According to Lewandowski, letters of resignation usually say, ‘Thank you for your time,’ ‘I’m thankful for what I did here’ or ‘I’m ready to go somewhere else.’ But, she said, this letter was different.

The teacher’s comment on the district’s lack of COVID precautions “really concerns me,” Lewandowski said. “When we get a letter like this, there’s probably some truth, some improvement, there’s some things in here that are worth us thinking about.”

School board clerk Debra Stein pointed out another comment the teacher made in his resignation letter.

“I guess as I read [the letter] I thought, ‘Here’s someone who does not fit in our schools, he does not fit in our town. He says it in here. And so be it, we move on,” Stein said.

“I would commend himself for putting himself out there,” board member Charles Crave said. “Am I going to say I’m going to lose sleep over it? No. I think it’s worth reading and bearing in mind.”

Superintendent Brian Henning compared the situation to a fan telling the referee that he was the worst referee in the first 25 seconds of a game.

“Yes, we want to hear what people have to say, and yes, we have to take that into consideration, but I don’t know how you can say you have all this trouble when you only work for us for ten days,” Henning said.

The board accepted the resignation 7-0 after the discussion.

Nachtigal was the elementary music teacher.

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