Our communities are facing the greatest crisis of our lifetimes. Everyone is impacted by the situation: cancelled classes, lost wages, shuttered businesses, and reduced services, not to mention the thousands who have fallen ill or lost their lives to COVID-19.

At a time like this, we are all called upon to sacrifice for the public good. This virus is highly contagious, very dangerous, and has yet no vaccine. In order to return to business, we must follow the protocols called for by all of the medical experts, like Dr. Malia Jones of the UW Applied Population Laboratory, including much more testing and serious contact tracing.

But instead of helping spread the message for safety protocols and ramped up investment in useful remedies, the GOP Leadership has filed a lawsuit to oppose the Governor’s authority.

At a time when their greatest concern should be for community health and safety, Sen. Fitzgerald, Rep. Vos, and Jefferson Co. legislators Nass, Dittrich, Rep. Horlacher and Jagler have shunned the science in favor of quick fixes and partisan fights, to pursue their own political power.

We must and will re-open our economy, and we have a plan for it. If we do not follow the plan, or invest in testing and tracing, more people will get sick and we will all face worsening consequences.

-Leslie DeMuth, Lake Mills

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Sam Adams

Agree 100% we should follow science and open back up immediately as multiple other states have started to do. With scientifically proven less impact on our Healthcare system in the US, as this hasn't overwhelmed our Healthcare system (remember why we shut down?) nor in the Badger state, we need to move forward and get back to work now. For those at greatest risk (elderly) and those who want to stay home - Stay home. For others who have been denied healthcare (all lives matter), lost a job, or in danger of losing their job or business - It is past time to move forward!! Most people that are either being denied healthcare, losing their jobs and financial security, along with mental health, have sacrificed plenty. The majority need to and want to open up - Stop the house arrest nonsense and as our follow our beloved state motto - Forward Wisconsin, Forward!!!

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