The list grows daily, of the things I haven’t done in months.

Stayed in a hotel, wandered the mall, eaten inside a restaurant.

Writing a weekly column, too, has languished.

There was a point early in the summer, with so little happening and too much bad news, that I ran out of things I wanted to say.

Associate editor Madeline Westberg felt that too, and we both set our columns aside. Then, a few weeks ago, we made a pact to resume them in September.

Anyone who’s ever “temporarily” paused an exercise routine – speaking for a friend – knows how hard it is to get back to it.

And so we are here, week one, without a great plan for what to say, but present nonetheless.

Just being on the page this week is a lot.

In coming weeks and months, I’ll get back to sharing thoughts on local politics and business activity, how the arts and schools are faring, how we all are faring six months into a global pandemic. Hopefully, we’ll be wrting soon about how we’re finally emerging from our cocoons.

No guarantees we’ve hit bottom, of course – we still have an election ahead – but cheers to the prospect of better days.

See you soon. In the meantime, go tend your COVID garden, check on your virtual school kids, video chat with grandma and enjoy these warm early autumn days.

While you’re at that, I’ll do my best to drum up some meaningful musings to help begin to draw us back together, even if virtual remains a thing a little longer.

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