Aha, yes, in keeping with Cambridge’s image and spirit as a well-known vital art center, the renovation of the water tower presents a favorable opportunity to affirm that image.

I suggest that the Water and Sewer Department invite and engage the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and the Cambridge Arts Council to explore workability, fund raising, and design so as to make the tower a visible icon of Public Art. In doing so would further proclaim Cambridge’s status as a state and Midwest vital art center.

It has spoken that the Cambridge Foundation supports the need for Public Art. This is an opportunity to advance such visioning.

With regards to the rogue graffiti persons, they will grow-up soon enough in the short term. Patience would, at this time, be preferred to an expensive fence.

And in regards to the finical stirrings of the sewer rates; as it has been said, the need is “just the fact of life.” So we must prepare ourselves for more dirty dishes, fewer showers, fewer flushes, and dryer lawns and gardens.

-Jason Miklik, Cambridge

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