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If you want to truly know what coziness feels like, you need to try a hot cocoa bomb.

A hot cocoa bomb is a scrumptious sphere of melted chocolate, filled with hot chocolate powder. And marshmallows, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Pour a cup of warm milk over the top of it, and your day will immediately get better.

I started making cocoa bombs earlier this month, and giving them to everyone I know. It was the best thing I did in February.

The process was surprisingly easy. You just need a silicone mold and a bag of chocolate chips. The mold I found had six half-circles, each about an inch in diameter.

Melt chocolate, then brush the chocolate into the mold with a spoon or pastry brush and put them in the freezer. Once they set, pop the half-circles out of the mold, fill them with hot cocoa powder and seal them with, you guessed it, more chocolate.

Pro tip: if you heat up the edges of the chocolate cups by setting them on a warm plate before sticking them together, they will seal together better. And you’ll be less likely to dump all the cocoa inside your bomb onto the floor. Not that I’m speaking from experience.

While I had never melted chocolate before, and I dirtied every utensil I could find, I found making the bombs to be really relaxing. It got less challenging every mold I filled.

And I will never go back to regular hot cocoa. The real chocolate is rich and warm, and the residual chocolate on your spoon is a fun surprise.

So get your cozy on with a cocoa bomb. They’ll make winter worth it.

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