EMTs in Dane County are exceeding the national average for cardiac arrest resuscitations in which the patient survives, new data indicates.

The 2017 Cardiac Arrest Registry for Enhanced Survival (CARES) for Dane County shows that about 17 percent of county cardiac arrest patients resuscitated by EMTs survived, far higher than the 10 percent national average.

In all in 2017, EMTs in Dane County resuscitated 198 cardiac arrest patients.

“These numbers truly demonstrate lives saves within our system and show the enormous impact/value that the prehospital system provides for our patients and communities,” Dr. Michael Mancera, associate medical director for Dane County EMS, said in a message this week to area EMS associations. “Thank you for your dedication and continued efforts toward cardiac arrest care and we look forward to continuing to work together to provide the best lifesaving care possible.”

In Dane County, the average age of a cardiac arrest patient is 60, the report also said. Nationally, the average age is 62. About 62 percent of cardiac arrests are of men, 38 percent women.

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