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Details Boutique owner to open salt room and sauna in Cambridge

Revive's salt room will offer halotherapy, in which finely ground, dry, medical-grade salt is diffused into the air, with a myriad of potential health benefits

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The owner of a downtown Cambridge boutique is opening a second, wellness-focused business in the same building.

Dusty Rogers opened Details Boutique in 2019 in the Galleria 214 building at 214 W. Main St. Details sells women’s clothing, accessories and gifts.

In March, Rogers will open Revive Salt Room & Sauna at Galleria 214, just steps from Details.

She said the two businesses will be operated distinctly.

Revive’s salt room will offer halotherapy, in which finely ground, dry, medical-grade salt is diffused into the air, with a myriad of potential health benefits.

Visitors will relax in a sealed salt room lined with pink backlit salt block walls, sinking their toes into a floor covered in several inches of coarse ground salt, while breathing in the salt aerosol.

“You sit in a chair, and you just breath in the salt,” Rogers said. “You can read a book, you can meditate.”

Halotherapy, Rogers said, has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve respiratory health tied many conditions including asthma, allergies, bronchitis and sinusitis.

“Think of it like a bottle brush that cleans your lungs and your respiratory airways,” she said.

Halotherapy has also been shown to improve skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, acne and dermatitis, she said.

Rogers said she had her first salt room experience a couple of years ago during a weekend at a regionally renowned spa.

Ultimately, after reaching out to other Wisconsin salt room owners in hopes that they would expand to Cambridge, she decided to open Revive herself.

Rogers connected with a Florida company that specializes in outfitting salt rooms. They are now working with her on everything from the proper construction of the salt chamber to marketing, training and pricing, to ordering salt and other supplies.

“I’ll get ongoing support, will have an ongoing relationship with them,” Rogers said. “They have tons of resources.”

Rogers said around the world, salt rooms are an age old-therapy. But they are “relatively newer in the United States,” she said. “I think that this is the future, and it’s going to be pretty amazing to have this right here in Cambridge. I’m excited.”

Rogers said in addition to individual bookings, she envisions bridal parties and other groups using the salt room together. The salt room can accommodate up to 6 people.

As she did before opening Details, Rogers said she has spent a considerable amount of time preparing to offer the best experience and results.

“I have done a lot of research,” she said.

Infrared sauna and red light therapyIn addition to the salt room, Revive will have an infrared sauna and red-light therapy room, and will be renting space to skin care specialist Amanda Reed (see sidebar). Rogers said infrared saunas and red light therapy have been shown to detoxify the body, to reduce pain and inflammation and to even help with weight loss.

Rogers said Revive fits perfectly with what she believes will be a post-pandemic renewed societal focus on self-care, “people not taking their health for granted any longer.”

Rogers said Revive’s new website will go live soon, with online booking. A Facebook page is already live.

She said she is ready to move beyond Covid-19 business closures and the pandemic economic downturn, and believes others are too.

She said she is choosing to open Revive now “based on hope and positivity, and knowing that Cambridge is a strong, thriving community. “

“I’m just moving forward. We’re only going to be stronger after this is past us.”

“I have seen how this community has supported my existing business, in that a way that’s blown me away,” Rogers added. “I feel so blessed.”

Dave Mittlesteadt and Nancy Shehan bought the historic Wagon Factory building in 2017 and remade it into Galleria 214 as a mix of shops, restaurants and services. It now contains Ruby Rose Gallery, CommonHouse Café, Details Boutique, Little Joys children’s boutique, an indoor atrium and an outdoor patio that’s open in warm seasons.

When she opened Details, Rogers said she knew she had the full support of Mittlesteadt and Shehan. That is continuing, she said.

“Dave and Nancy’s support made opening a second business at Galleria 214 an easy decision,” she said.

She said Revive adds a service at Galleria 214 that will only enhance its attraction to visitors.

“I think it’s the perfect fit for this building and the perfect fit for our little town,” she said.

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