I took my first trip out to the Cambridge Winery vineyard this week. On an overcast Sunday morning, with the sun peaking through the clouds, I got a peaceful walk and a firsthand look at the process of growing grapes.

The Cambridge Winery is looking for volunteers to help pick grapes for the remainder of their harvest, at the vineyard off Kenseth Road.

The winery has a few harvesting days left this season, one on Friday, Sept. 18, and one later this month. You can get more info by emailing marketing@cambridgewinery.com.

The winery’s owner said they expect to harvest about 20,000 pounds of grapes this year, half of the fruit they will use to make its annual wine.

During this COVID summer, we’ve taken so many walks. Walks in the park. Walks around the block. Walks around Lake Ripley. Step after step after step.

But walking through the vineyard was the best walk I’ve taken so far, surrounded by bundles of fruit and busy volunteers.

So if you have the chance, go help out. Walk in the vineyard. Hold some organic, beautiful fruit in your hands. And enjoy this gem in our backyard.

You’d be supporting a local business, getting a dose of nature and learning some cool facts about horticulture.

And, after you’re done, there will be more wine in this world, and that’s a cause for celebration.

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