On Sunday, February 9, 2020, 22 tables of card players showed up at Cambridge High School to play Euchre, enjoy a lunch, participate in a basket raffle of donated items and join in an auction to raise funds to provide scholarships, support FFA members and agriculture education. The Cambridge FFA and FFA Alumni would like to express our gratitude to everyone that contributed to its great success in any way. There were lots of wonderful donations from a lot of area businesses and individuals.

Appreciation also to the Cambridge School District for allowing us to host the tournament/auction at the high school. It took many FFA Alumni and FFA members to contact all the donators, set up, make food for the lunch, work in the kitchen and to tend to the many details of the euchre tournament, raffle, and auction. I wish to also acknowledge the following for all their extra time, extra effort, or kind deeds: Jon Febock, Leslie Fugate, Emily Febock, Luke Febock, Allison and Jerry Evenson, Micaela Spier, Emily Klingbeil, Ken Rockney, our guest auctioneer Tyce Bettenhausen, and all the FFA members and their families that donated their time or food for the lunch and help. Anyone that helped in any way is so much appreciated!

Everyone that played in the tournament, participated in the raffle and auction, even though the weather wasn’t real cooperative all seemed to enjoy themselves. I hope all will return next year.

- Karen Stenjem, FFA Alumni President

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