A new theater organization has been created in Cambridge.

HeARTStrings Repertory Theater, that has a cast of about 13 performers, will put on its first show Dec. 5-8 in Cambridge.

The group focuses on reader’s theater, where actors read from scripts in a smaller venue, using minimal props and relying on vocal delivery for storytelling.

“A lot is left to the imagination of the audience,” said HeARTStrings organizer Virginia Becker.

Becker said reader’s theater is more accessible than other types of shows, because it uses smaller casts and doesn’t require actors to memorize full scripts. Actors also perform up close and personal to audience members.

It’s a “very intimate thing which allows for it to be very moving,” Becker said.

Becker, who said she was introduced to readers theater in high school, said she’s attempted to bring it to Cambridge in the past, but it didn’t gain much momentum.

The troupe will perform “Scrooge’s Christmas at the Plow restaurant, 159 W. Main Street , with a variety of English Dinner shows, dessert shows and appetizer shows between Dec. 5 and 8.

Becker said she has visions of the troupe learning three or four pieces a year, and traveling to a variety of venues. She hopes to perform Shakespeare or short musicals, or anything character-driven and heartfelt.“It has to be written so that when the characters tell the story, they can show enough emotion that they can move you,” Becker said.

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