Map of the proposed plan

Maps just released by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) detail how proposed plans to relieve traffic congestion on I-39/90/94 could affect property owners, businesses and communities.

Area residents received their first peek at the detailed maps last week at, showing interchanges and corridor width being considered for the highway routes.

The WisDOT is studying ways to alleviate traffic congestion and plan for future needs for the 34-mile stretch of I-39/90/94 between US 12/18 Madison beltline interchange and I-39/WIS 78 in Portage.

Five corridor alternatives are being considered, with the final WisDOT recommendation expected this summer. Officials are also studying capacity expansion/full reconstruction option that would add northbound and southbound lanes to the existing I-39/90/94 corridors.

DOT officials say construction wouldn’t begin until 2025 or later, with the exception of the Wisconsin River area to be completed before then.

One of the east reliever options being considered includes a new freeway connection made at I-94, between County N and WIS 73, that would traverse east of Sun Prairie and north of DeForest and connect back to the Interstate at County V and WIS 60.

The detailed maps released by the WisDOT last week show interchange plans for East reliever routes; two north of DeForest and north and east of Sun Prairie at State Highway 151 and County Highway 19.

It also outlines a 2,000-foot corridor width that WisDOT is looking at to set down the 370-foot wide physical footprint highway options. Project manager Larry Barta says the DOT is examining the impact of each corridor alternative and will make a comparison between them. Economic, social, cultural, cultural, environmental and physical impacts will be evaluated, WisDOT official say.

The goal of the release of the more detailed maps, Barta said, is to get public feedback on any features within the corridor that would be impacted. Federal laws also require environmental impact studies on the highway corridor proposals.

He said in the next few weeks, the WisDOT will release an aerial overview of the corridor options on a Google earth map, so people can see what houses, streets and other structures could be affected by the plans.

WisDOT officials are also working with two advisory committees, made up of local, county and state representatives, to review plans.

WisDOT officials will present I-39/90/94 corridor plans at the Monday, Jan. 23 Village of Poynette Committee of the Whole meeting, 6 p.m. 106 S. Main St. Poynette and on Wednesday, Jan. 25 at 6:30 p.m. at Lodi City Hall, 130 S. Main St., sponsored by the Lodi and Lake Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce.

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