Feb. 25Elementary school: Turkey sandwich

Middle-high school: Turkey and provolone sub

crackers, grapes, broccoli

Feb. 26Elementary school: Strawberry GoGurt

Middle-high school: Yogurt parfait with granola and strawberries

Chocolate chip muffin, apple

March 1Elementary school: Pepperoni and provolone sandwich, Sun Chips, raisins, Sidekick smoothie, milk

Middle-high school: Pepperoni and provolone on Ciabatta with marinara, chef salad with ranch and roll, Sun Chips, raisins, Sidekick smoothie

March 2Elementary school: Ham and American sandwich, pretzels, pears, carrots, milk

Middle-high school: Ham and cheddar sub, French bread pizza, pretzels, carrots, juice box

March 3Send home meal on Tuesday

All schools: PB&J Uncrustable, Goldfish crackers, applesauce, juice box, milk

March 4Elementary school: Chicken patty, Cheez Its, grapes, green beans, milk

Middle-high school: Chicken patty, PB&J Uncrustable, Cheez Its, grapes, applesauce

March 5Elementary school: French bread pizza, marinara dipping sauce, apple slices, milk

Middle-high school: Cheese or pepperoni pizza, Mr. Fish sandwich, apple slices, fresh green beans

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