Rummage sales are a staple of summer. Early Saturday mornings spent traversing local neighborhoods, coffee in hand, looking for treasure.

It’s a hunt for that groovy art deco floor lamp, or a well-loved paperback, or a vintage jean jacket or swizzle sticks from an old Wisconsin supper club. They’re items with history and life, items you could never find in a box store.

This summer, that hunt may look different than ever before, because of the coronavirus. Rummage sales are appearing to be another event series falling.

The Deerfield Community Center has called off its spring community-wide garage sales. Board president Todd Tatlock said the center is putting its efforts into its fall sale, scheduled for Sept. 10, 11 and 12.

And the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce isn’t organizing a spring community-wide rummage sale weekend like previous years.

Chamber president Karen Anderson said the chamber also usually holds its garage sales in early August during the Maxwell Street Days sidewalk sales. But it’s unclear if that will happen this year, because of COVID-19, she said.

While I know I’ll miss visiting rummage sales in-person, hope isn’t lost for finding cool treasures.

And now might even be a good time to do some shopping, because of all the decluttering happening while people are staying at home.

There are great opportunities to shop second-hand online.

Craigslist and Posmark are both online platforms for resale and purchasing. If you’re selling books, try Amazon, or Chegg for academic texts.

There has also been a rise in resale apps recently, like Letgo, which was built specifically for buying and selling person-to-person.

And Facebook Marketplace has a pretty constant supply of items for sale. Facebook also has countless buy and sell groups for every kind of collectable or specific item you can think of.

Maybe, thanks to technology, we’ll find creative ways to continue shopping and selling locally.

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