In your article regarding the village balking at tax impact calculations for the Fire station addition I feel compelled to correct some of the things mentioned in the article. The five municipalities have been successfully operating under an Intergovernmental Agreement that was originally put together in the 1950’s and updated several times since, the last being a couple years ago.

The calculations for the tax implications was never meant to be exact, as was discussed at our meeting on May 28, but all felt an estimated tax implication would be what the public would like to hear. After much discussion the office staff at Oakland came up with a formula to get an estimate of the tax implication and shared that with the other municipalities so we were all on the same page. The formula used for all the municipalities was $6.5 million at 2% interest over 20 years. Each municipality would take their portion based on their share of the commission budget and that would be the amount of the referendum.

The fact that the village is balking on this is surprising to me as Mark McNally got all the information that everyone else did and had no objection to putting the letter together with an estimated tax impact. Mark has been adamant on us “not spending another dime” on the project until a decision is made on whether we proceed with a referendum. If that occurs, we would seek help with how to proceed.

The Fire Commission decided five years ago the station size was inadequate for our present needs and began exploring ways to address the needs for the present and future needs. Much thought and work by many of the EMS and Fire personnel has been put forth and a THANK YOU from the commission members and the municipalities is definitely in order.

- Gene Kapsner, Cambridge Fire and EMS Commission president

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