Our southeastern corner of Dane County has long been an artist hub.

Cambridge is, of course, known for its pottery heritage and the continued existence of that in companies like Rowe Pottery Works and events like the spring and fall art tours.

In recent summers Cambridge, too, has drawn visitors and artists from across the region for its smoke and fire-inspired Midwest Fire Fest.

We also support the broader art community that draws us away from home, to festivals, live performances and galleries across Dane County and beyond.

Nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, lending financial support to artists has perhaps never been so important, as events we all once took for granted return slowly.

And so, we take this time this week dedicated to giving thanks, to appreciate the recent announcement that Dane County is awarding 46 grants to arts and cultural organizations across the county, totaling $100,000

The Dane Arts grants are funded by county dollars in conjunction with private donations from the Endres Manufacturing Company Foundation, the Evjue Foundation, Inc., charitable arm of The Capital Times, the W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation, and the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation.

Most of the recipients are based in Madison, from the Madison Children’s Museum to the Overture Center for the Arts to groups there like the Madison Bach Musicians, Madison Choral Project and the Madison Symphony Orchestra.

That doesn’t mean that residents from our rural area don’t benefit.

In fact, having access to Madison’s cultural and arts scene, just 20 minutes away, only enhances what we offer out here in our rural area.

Some of the groups, such as Opera for the Young, specifically focus on programs for students, and our local school have taken advantage of those.

This Thanksgiving week, we’re thankful for the access we have to the arts, both in our small towns and a short drive away in the broader Dane County area.

We hope this level of financial support and appreciation for the arts continues into the future.

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