I am writing in regard to the proposed Koshkonong Solar power plant that if approved by the state Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW), would impact residents of Cambridge, Rockdale, the towns of Christiana and Deerfield and electric customers across Wisconsin.

In essence, Invenergy has proposed to install a 375 megawatt facility over a project area of 11,900 acres, which includes covering up to 2,600 acres with up to 912,000 solar panels, constructing a second substation and large battery facility and installing another 345 kV transmission line. In addition, Invenergy hopes to expand this project to 500 megawatts in the future. Our community could easily become the largest utility district in the entire Midwest!

As a longtime resident of the town of Christiana and the community of Cambridge, and as someone who’s family homestead would be surrounded 360 degrees by solar arrays (based on Invenergy’s Engineering Plan to the DNR), I stand in stark and vocal opposition to this proposed plant.

Our communities enjoy a great tradition of pulling together, and the process of evaluating and responding to the massive proposal has just begun. I want to let all residents of the 53523 Zip Code know that we can fight this project.

Invenergy and the utilities always imply that once the leases are signed by the private landowners that “this is a done deal.” They do that in order to break you down and make you believe that you have no voice and no power to push back. Invenergy wants us all to stay quiet because if we start digging to find the truth and demand answers and data, they are afraid that we will discover inconvenient truths about what this utility scale project will do to our community’s environment, property values, and economic growth.

Ultimately, we know exactly what will happen if we do nothing. If you have concerns, let your town or village board members know! Many of us in the Town of Christiana have been working on opposing this project for well over a year and would be happy to chat.

JOIN US. We would be happy to hear your concerns and answer your questions.

- Tara J. Vasby, Cambridge

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