Some of us have had different types of flu, bronchitis, what acts like whooping cough, pneumonia, senior croup, infant croup and any number of illnesses that knock the wind out of your sails and brings you to your knees.

Today is a medical column; for those that have not been touched by what is termed an epidemic, please take warning. For those that have been so ill you were afraid you not might live, take care that a second tornado does not come your way, as it did for yours truly.

It is not for me to repeat symtoms, or miseries. I’m hoping you will take every cough and sneeze as a warning. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to a little thing. Don’t think you are stronger than what ails you. Please don’t say “I never get sick.”

I apologize for trying to tell you what to do with yourself (or family).

I have no cures for what may ail you. I would highly suggest that the very elderly be sure they do not have pneumonia.

Tonight a dear friend in Illinois was one that is “never sick.”

He is fighting pneumonia.

I have no magic medicine that protects us from illness. When my sister and I were ill, Mom made us a toddy, rubbed our chest with Vicks and covered it with a piece of flannel from an old robe.

Nowadays Vicks has a patch. But it will never invoke the memory of Mom, Vicks and the flannel.

I have made toddies for my kids when they were fighting illness.

If alcohol is not on your list, try this without. (although I don’t guarantee it.)

Mom’s Hot Toddy for what ails you

Ingredients: one shot (3/4 to 1 ounce) blackberry brandy; 1/2 to 3/4 cup water; an ounce of lemon juice or a wedge of lemon; 1 Tbps. honey.

Directions: Heat in micro or small pan until hot, pour into a heavy cup. Breathe the steam until warm enough to sip.

Avoid illness if you can.

Stay warm.

Be well.

Stay well.

I’m thinking of you.

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