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Dane County Board supervisors who aren’t seeking re-election traditionally get a few in minutes at a meeting in April, to say good-bye.

That happened on April 2, but not in-person. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it occurred during an online meeting.

Longtime District 37 Supervisor Bob Salov was among the outgoing board members who shared parting thoughts, popping up one at a time on computer screens from their homes.

Salov has represented District 37 since 1996.

District 37 includes the Villages of Cambridge, Deerfield and Rockdale, the towns of Albion, Christiana, Deerfield, Dunkirk and Rutland, and part of the City of Edgerton.

Kathleeen “Kate” McGinnity and Kris Breunig, both of Cambridge, were on the April 7 ballot for his seat. Election results will not immediately available; they will be released the week of April 13.

With his wife, Gloria, onscreen beside him, Salov thanked fellow County Board members, county staff, his family and constituents countywide and in District 37.

“There are so many people to mention, that have given me direction in terms of what’s possible,” Salov said. “It’s been a real good experience for me and I hope that I have contributed, not just to my district, but to the whole county.”

“There are some things that I’m very, very proud of. There are some things that I still would have like to have accomplished,” he continued.

Efforts toward regionalization of the area EMS system topped what Salov, full-time director of the Cambridge Area EMS, said has made him most proud.

“We have accomplished a lot of things that tie all of our services together,” he said. “I wish we had gone further, especially given what we’re in the midst of right now. But we’re doing really well.”

He listed creating a county criminal justice panel and working to ensure that libraries in the county are well-funded as other accomplishments during his tenure.

“We have a very strong library system in the county. It’s very well run, and I’m very proud of that,” he said.

He encouraged other supervisors to visit Dane County’s rural areas.

“Come visit us out here. We’re just as viable as the large municipalities,” he said.

Dane County Board Chair Analiese Eicher said she wished supervisors could have shared parting thoughts in-person.

“We had planned a celebration,” Eicher said. “I really wish we could be together tonight in our County Board chambers, and not together-but-separate in our home offices across Dane County.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank. It has been an absolute honor and privilege to serve with this group,” Eicher continued.

The date that Salov and other outgoing supervisors would actually step down was still unclear at the April 2 County Board meeting.

Among actions taken by the County Board that night, was a unanimous vote to allow incumbent supervisors to continue serving if the April 7 election were delayed, until the results were finalized and their successors could be seated.

That question arose as state legislators and governor Tony Evers tangled over the weekend over whether to extend Wisconsin’s election due to the coronavirus pandemic, as has been done in other states.

A Monday, April 6 executive order from Evers to extend the spring election to June 9 appeared -- for a few hours -- to mean current supervisors would continue to serve until then. However, later on Monday the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that Evers could not unilaterally extend the election.

The County Board at its April 2 meeting clarified that if incumbent supervisors didn’t wish to remain in office beyond April, they could resign under existing rules. As always, their seat could then be temporarily filled by appointment until an election could be held.

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