In last week’s edition of the Cambridge News there was a Letter to the Editor which suggested that Invenergy’s donation to the Connector Bike Trail was given with ulterior motives.

As secretary of the Connector Trail Committee I was directly involved with accepting this generous donation from Invenergy, and I would like to offer a different opinion.

True, the check was written to the Village of Cambridge, but that is because the village is acting as fiscal agent for our committee. The village itself is not benefiting from this donation nor is the Town of Christiana. Also, at no time did Invenergy’s staff give any indication that there were strings attached to the gift or that they were hoping that it would put them in the village’s good graces.

It’s true that it was a good PR move on their part, but even a $500 donation could have gotten their picture in the paper. Their $5,000 donation demonstrated strong support for what they consider to be a good community asset. Drawing the conclusion that they gave it purely for their own gain is cynical and unfair. I would prefer to take them at their word that they did it to be good neighbors as newcomers to this area.

- Steve Struss, Cambridge

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