A 1.7 mile stretch of State Highway 73 through Deerfield will be getting a facelift in 2023.

The Deerfield Village Board on Nov. 9 approved an agreement with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to resurface State Highway 73 from Shaul Lane to North Street, through downtown Deerfield.

The agreement with the DOT says work in 2023 will include a mill and overlay, or grinding off the top layer of asphalt and resurfacing it, and replacing sidewalk curb ramps.

The DOT agreement says the “existing pavement is deteriorated with extensive cracking and rutting.”

Village administrator Elizabeth McCredie said that the DOT is also set to rebuild Highway 73 at the intersection of South Industrial Park Road in 2023. That renovation will allow for better turning radius for trucks turning onto Highway 73 from South Industrial Park Drive.

The Village of Deerfield is responsible for covering the cost of renovating that intersection, McCredie said, along with parking stall upgrades from Shaul Lane to North Street.

The village’s cost comes to about $40,000. That’s about $15,000 for parking lanes and $24,500 for the intersection, the DOT agreement said.

Village board member Scott Tebon called those numbers “consistent with what our expectations were for that work.”

The state is funding about $2.6 million for engineering services, real estate acquisition and construction costs from Shaul Lane to North Street.

Tebon said payments on the village’s portion of the cost won’t be due for a couple of years, so Deerfield will see no initial fiscal impact.

Board president Greg Frutiger said the village envisions using unspent funds from past street projects to cover the upgrades at the South Industrial Park Drive intersection.

Finalization of these two projects follow board members’ call in 2019 for the DOT to move up its timelines for the highway work, due to the roadway’s deteriorating condition.

In other matters, the board:

  • Appointed Deerfield resident Chris Kotziskie to a vacant position on the Deerfield Fire Commission.
  • Approved a one year contract with Gardiner Appraisal Services for the village’s assessing services, for $6,200 for one year.

Approved snowmobile routes running through village limits. The board plans to run the snowmobile route down Grand Avenue to Nelson Street, and then over the curb and through Fireman’s Park near the pulling track. Board members said this route will keep sidewalks clear and accessible.

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