The monthly meeting of the Board of Supervisors for the Town of Oakland met Feb. 17. Attending were Tom Jensen, Jimmy DeGidio, Joy Graffin and Ted Crawford, with Gene Kapsner absent. The main focus of the meeting concerned three conditional use permit (CUP) applications.

The first CUP was a request by Jacqueline Weber and Julie Best for a permit to cut within 35-feet of the Ordinary High Water Mark of Lake Ripley. The .518-acres zoned R-1 is located at W9259 Ripley Road.On Oc. 30, 2015 the Planning and Zoning Department (PZD) of Jefferson County had sent a letter to Weber stating it had come to their attention that there had been shoreland cutting without permits.

Weber responded that since taking ownership of the property in Feb. 2014, she had been attempting to get the yard in better shape. She hired McKay Nursery to develop plans to reclaim the land with a native plant landscape. The site plan was presented to the Board for review. She has also filed CUP applications at the County and Town levels.

Although Weber had filed for a CUP on Dec. 16, 2015, a letter from Lisa Griffin of Lake Ripley Management District (LRMD), sent to the PZD had made recommendations in accordance with the regulatory mandates LRMD enforces. Weber stated she never received a copy of that letter and was unaware of the LRMD recommended compliance mandates prior to approval of the CUP.

Weber was offered a copy of the LRMD letter, dated Dec. 21, 2015. The board made a motion to approve the CUP, contingent on Weber meeting the recommendations for appropriate landscaping within a lake district.

The second CUP application request came from Thomas and Susan Lenz to build a “new multi-generational home” on 5.1-acres at N2850 Kreutz Road, Fort Atkinson.The Plan Commission did not recommend the CUP on grounds that the county had defined “multi-generational home” as a duplex, and duplexes are not permitted in an A-3 zone within the Town of Oakland.

Susan Lenz appeared with attorney Kathryn Andersen to argue for reclassifying the structure as a “single family home,” taking the definition from Jefferson County which sees a single-family as even an extended one, so long as most members are tied by blood or law.

The board was adverse to overturning a PC denial which was based on the “duplex” designation by the County. Under that definition, the “multi-family home” could not be approved for its A-3 zoning.

Town Building Inspector Greg Noll expressed his belief that the Board is correct in not issuing a CUP to a designated duplex. He continued to say that the home had every right to be built according to the rough conceptual plans provided as a “single family home,” to be re-designated by the PLD of Jefferson County.

The issue appears to be due to mislabeling rather than not adhering to the “single-family” definition within the County ordinances.The Lenz’s took the information under advisement and will return to the County.

The third petition was recommended by the Planning Committee to grant a CUP to William and Susan Stroupe to operate a home insurance business at W7462 County Road C on 29.9 acres zoned A-1.

The Stroupes have been in business for many years, but there was some concern about the need for a building permit. Noll explained that since there were no structural modifications in the refurbished space, no permit was required.

The board granted the CUP, officially allowing the business to operate within the township.

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