Two of the five voting members of the Town of Oakland Board on Dec.15 were absent.

Trustees Eugene Kapsner, Jim De Gidio and Joy Graffin constituted a quorum and the meeting was called to order at 7 p.m.

The minutes of the Nov. 17 meeting were approved before the board continued to hear two requests from residents.

The first request was a petition from Philip Knell for a variance to construct an addition to an existing 885 square foot cottage located at N4560 Warne Avenue.

The parcel No. 0222-0613-0533-025 is .181-acres, currently zoned R-1. Knell attended the meeting and provided a plat map to identify his property location and where he intended to build a 390 square foot addition on the existing cottage. Knell currently resides in Madison and plans to make the cottage his primary residence. The board asked how much land would be encroached on by the addition. Knell ex-plained that he will only be expanding the structure to the end of the existing deck and there would be no property encroachment.

The board granted the request.

The second request came from James and Viola Behm. Viola Behm was present to speak on their behalf. They were asking for a 4-acre split from the existing 75-acre parcel

they own, believing that they can sell the original acreage that is zoned A-1 and includes farmland and woodland.

Their existing buildings are located on the proposed 4-acre split, which they are petitioning to have rezoned to A-3.

Behm stated they have no intention of building on the A-1 section of their property, though building on the site is an available option for any would-be buyer.

The town Planning Com-mission previously approved the request and recommended board approval. The request was granted the application for rezoning and split has moved to the county level for consideration.

The two vacant Planning Commission positions were filled by Ted Crawford and Ted

Vratny. They then reviewed the list of Election Workers for appointments to two-year terms. The entire list was ratified.

The next agenda items regarded acts of the Wisconsin legislature.

First was Resolution 2015-3 regarding posting locations for town notices and announcements that are routine and not related to elections.

With Act 79 now law, towns are only required to post notices at one physical premise if they have a municipal website with regularly posted notices.

After discussion, the three voting members decided to continue to post at the Oakland Town Hall and Hering’s Lake Ripley Inn.

All town notices and announcements will be posted on the town’s website, which was referenced on the recently sent tax bills.

Another act by the state legislature allows official publication in only one newspaper.

Town of Oakland has customarily published in both The Cambridge News and The Daily Jefferson County Union. Discussion ensued regarding which paper continue to publish in.

Though the cost to publish is much less for The Cambridge News, the chair, Kapsner, contended that The Daily Union probably reaches more of the town’s rural residents.

A motion was made to go with The Union, dropping The Cambridge News as the official print publication.

The motion was made by De Gidio and seconded by Graffin.

Two fire department issues were addressed.

The first concerned the purchased Fort Atkinson Fire Department brush truck.

The already-paid-for purchase requires a performance bond to ensure that what was ordered is exactly what is received.

The town’s share of the bond is $49 and the board authorized payment.

The next item considered the City of Jefferson Fire Engine No. 2. The truck is a line item on the town budget for 2016, to be purchased in 2016.

The town initially expected to pay a much lower amount for the engine’s replacement, but Town of Aztalan withdrew its contract with the city for providing firefighting services. This resulted in the portion of Oakland’s share of costs increasing $30,338.

The Jefferson Fire Depart-ment is requesting that all participating municipalities have their proportionate share of the cost in by Jan. 16, 2016 so they can make a timely purchase. Discussing their options, Kapsner ended with a motion to approve the amount of $30,338 being sent to the Jefferson Fire Department for the intended fire engine replacement, taking $12,500 from the Fire Reserve Fund and adding it to the already approved $17,000 on the 2016 town budget.

Graffin seconded the motion and upon vote, the measure was carried.

The board also took action on “Clean Sweep,” which is designed to collect and re-process cathode ray tubes and other discarded electronic equipment that need recycling. The supervisors decided to again contribute their annual $500 for the program.

The Town of Oakland did not have a policy in place to guide the clerk of courts when faced with the municipal judge not being able to attend a scheduled court date the board and concluded it should articulate one.

During the last absence of a municipal judge, the clerk found a substitute judge on short notice.

The members voted to establish a policy to cancel and reschedule court dates when the presiding judge is absent for

any reason.

Supervisors likened it to a snow day.

The last action the board undertook was the approval of disbursements in the amount of


The next meeting date was set for Jan. 19, 2016, and the board adjourned.

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