TheDeerfield Village Board met Monday, Jan. 25.

After approval of vouchers and meeting minutes from Jan. 11, the members reported on various committees and commissions.

Trustee David Wilkinson gave on the Joint Law Enforcement Committee report from the meeting held Jan. 12.

Police calls for December 2015 showed that 195 calls were from within Deerfield and 204 in Cambridge.

Wilknson continued with information from the Deerfield Library Board meeting Jan. 15,The Deerfield Friends of the Library plans to hold its fundraiser Team Trivia Contest on Feb. 27 at Doubleday’s in Cottage Grove. Those interested in be-coming involved can find more information on the web at

Village President Greg Frutiger gave the EMS report from the Jan 21 meeting. The auditor’s engagement letter and a change to the Uniform Safety Gear Policy in the EMS Handbookhad been approved

Reported statistics from 2015 showed the run-under $100,000witha total of 926 calls for the entire year; 76 calls above 2014 totals.

The EMS Ambulance Com-mittee is looking to purchase two new ambulances in 2017.

The committee determined that they could receive $5,000 on a trade-in of its oldest ambulance and decided to keepit as a back-up response vehicle.

The other ambulance is newer and could bring the EMS $85,000 for a trade.

The EMS is considering selling the newer one and applying the $85,000 to the purchase of two new ambulances. The EMS projected cost for the two vehicles is $250,000 and costs could go down as purchase options are investigated. The village portion of that amount will be around $43,000. This would be the first time for the EMS to have two ambulances with the same chassis and equipment layout.

At their Jan. 14 meeting Deerfield CARES, looked at helping to kick-off a free community meal event. Elizabeth McCredie, Village Administrator and Chamber of Commerce treasurer stated, “There is a Girl Scout Troop already working with the Deerfield Community Center to start it up. They came before the Deerfield Chamber to see if the chamber wanted to sponsor one of the meals.” Organizers are looking to have a community groups or local agency sponsor the meals. “They might not do it every month, but do it quarterly to see how it goes,” McCredie said.

Board members liked the idea, pointing out that community dinners are being held in Cambridge, Stoughton and Lake Mills each month.

Frutiger statedDeerfield CARES would like to help organize a speaker or music at each event.

“Sounds like a good thing if everyone’s doing it,”concluded Frutiger.

The board moved on to hear public concerns. Resident Patty Van Dev-enter asked her garbage was not picked up the previous two weeks. She said it happened before sometimes the pick-up by Advanced Disposal was late. She stated she investigated the matter and found the City of Edgerton and Town of Albion had the same issues and Edgerton no longer uses Advance Disposal services.

McCredie shared she had contacted the company earlier that morning, Monday, Jan. 25, to ask why the scheduled pick-up that Friday was not made.

She sent emails, stating, “This is unacceptable.”

In response, the waste disposal company picked up that very Monday, Jan. 25. Frutiger disclosed a similar problem occurred over a month ago, which the company had seemed to rectify.

The village President said he and McCredie plan to meet with them to resolve the issue, or find a more reliable waste removal contractor. McCredie stated that she wants to see the pick-up day changed from Friday to Monday so missed pick up could be done the next day rather than residents keeping trash out over the weekend.

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