Capitol display

To celebrate Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Month Heritage Month in May, the Women’s Council of Wisconsin and the Hmong Institute have installed a display recognizing Hmong culture and heritage at the state Capitol. The installment on the first-floor rotunda, funded in part by the Wisconsin Humanities Council, is a Story Cloth exhibit, the result of a project to better understand the experiences of elder Hmong women during the COVID-19 global pandemic among participants of an ongoing women’s group. The members discussed the the impacts of grief, stress, and isolation on their mental health and well-being through a traditional means of documenting the Hmong experience and history with “story cloths.” Three themes emerged as the participant’s primary sources of strength and resiliency: their Hmong families and community, spirituality/faith, and gardening or being outdoors. The exhibit will be at the Capitol through May except May 20, when it will be at Hmong Institute’s annual Heritage Dinner.