Cash Otradovec


A 30-year-old DeForest man was indicted in federal court on three counts of attempting to produce child pornography, three counts of producing child pornography, and five counts of extortion, according to a statement released by the acting U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Wisconsin.

According to the statement, following an FBI investigation, Cash Otradovec has been accused of attempting three times, between February and April 2020, to “use, persuade, induce and coerce three minors to engage in sexually explicit conduct,” and that on three occasions between March and April 2020, he succeeded in doing so with three other minors.

In a Nov. 30 hearing U.S. Attorney Julie Pfluger summarized the full scope of the accusations, explaining to the court that Otradovec, being held in federal custody in Miami, had been charged with extorting a minor in Florida in an attempt to get nude pictures from the teen.

“Investigation by the FBI has revealed that he was in contact with over 200 potential victims,” Pfluger told the court. “As of now, five of them have been identified and actually did send Mr. Otradovec nude pictures because he extorted them.”

The communication between Otradovec and the alleged victims was especially disturbing, Pfluger explained, with some victims threatening to kill themselves over the situation, to which Otradovec was quoted as replying, “Well, go ahead and do it. Either kill yourself or send me the picture.”

Nonetheless, she clarified, there have been no incidents of a known suicide connected to Otradovec’s actions.

Otradovec is scheduled for trial in the Florida Southern District Court on June 7. The case against him in Wisconsin is pending extradition from Florida.

If convicted, Otradovec faces a mandatory minimum 15 years and up to 30 years in federal prison for each child pornography charge, and up to two years for extortion.

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