I have been a public school educator for 28 years, but no year has been like this one. 2020 has taught us what could be possible: Zoom classrooms, teaching from anywhere there’s a signal and reaching through the screen to develop relationships with our students while providing instruction. But not every student in our state has the same support. Students in rural communities and families in poverty do not have the same opportunities. We need to do better in Wisconsin and universally provide access to a quality education based on equity and fairness, not on a child’s zip code.

I am supporting Sheila Briggs for State Superintendent and this is why you should too:

Sheila Briggs has focused her professional life on students and their families. She was a teacher and a principal, and now serves as Assistant State Superintendent. Her background and experience offers Wisconsin residents a unique opportunity to elect a leader who actually understands what it will take to bring fairness and equity to all our children, teachers, and schools.

Sheila Briggs understands that districts cannot just fall back into old patterns as students return to classrooms. Innovation, is what has driven Sheila throughout her entire career. She stands for;

— Reduction in high stakes testing

— Fully funding public schools

— Eliminating the digital divide

— Providing mental health services for all schools

— Assisting staff and students so they can bounce back from the effects of COVID-19

I have had the honor to teach /learn alongside Dr. Briggs for 25 years, and I believe she will be the one to increase our opportunities for all, while eliminating the achievement gap to ensure ALL Wisconsin students THRIVE!

Please join me on Tuesday, February 16, as I will be voting in the Spring Primary for Sheila Briggs to be our next State Superintendent.

Kristi Kloos


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