After getting canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic, the DeForest Freedom Run once again was a part of the Fourth of July celebration. Runners of all ages competed in the event on Sunday.

The Freedom Run consisted of 5K, 10K and a mile fun run/walk race.

Korbin Eisler of DeForest claimed first place in the 5K race after clocking in at 17 minutes, 28.51 seconds, while Dylan King (DeForest, 17:30.34), Matthew VanderMeer (DeForest, 17:36.18), Lucas Tanner (DeForest, 18:00.17) and Jason Revels (Sun Prairie, 18:23.49) rounded out the top five.

Richard Kandie (18:33.59) of Windsor and Rhett Parker (19:24.01) of DeForest came in sixth and seventh respectively, while Olivia Chellevold (19:29.05) was the first woman to finish the 5K and was eight overall.

Paul Chellevold (Madison, 19:29.38), Todd Niles (Waunakee, 19:46.19), Katie Susong (Madison, 20:33.13), Christopher Turba (Texas, 21:16.44), Malia Niles (Waunakee, 21:17.31), Greg DeGregorio (Illinois, 21:24.0), Bret Anderson (DeForest, 21:24.99), Alex Gardner (DeForest, 22:07.02), R. Melland (Lodi, 22:48.78), Adam Horton (DeForest, 23:00.15), Jessica Chandler (Rio, 23:01.39) and Christ Martinson (DeForest, 23:06.74) rounded out the top 20 in the 5K.

Group winners in the 5K included Tanner (Male 13-and-Under), Eisler (Male 14-19), Max Geiger (Male 20-29) of Madison, Revels (Male 30-39), Paul Chellevold (Male 40-49), Anderson (Male 50-59), Rob Allen (Male 60-69) of DeForest, Olivia Chellevold (Female 13-and-Under), Niles (Female 14-19), Susong (Female 20-29), Chandler (Female 30-39), Deb Ryan (Female 40-49) of Arlington, Colleen Coyle (Female 50-59) of DeForest and Kimberly Morrison (Female 60-69) of Deerfield.

Derrick Rufer of Madison clocked in at 37:32.44 to win the 10K race, while Joseph Wangerin (DeForest, 38:51.01) and Casey Paplow (Madison, 38:59.47) followed in second and third place, respectively.

Bailey Boudreau (39:47.80) of Stevens Point was the top female runner and came in fourth overall.

Rounding out the top-20 in the 10K was Nathan Hackos (Ohio, 40:33.55), Joe Huber (DeForest, 40:41.30), Aaron Owen (Madison, 41:46.37), Albert Muniz (DeForest, 42:04.77), Jordan Hundt (Madison, 42:27.27), Anna Schwenn (DeForest, 42:42.30), Julie Faylona (Baraboo, 43:25.09), Peter Doksus (Madison, 43:45.86), Amy Swenson (Grafton, 45:24.18), Noah Iskandarani (DeForest, 45:54.18), Heidi DeGregorio (Illinois, 46:13.75), Megan Farrell (Madison, 47:21.42), Lance Maerz (Mount Horeb, 47:54.81), Jeff Vian (Windsor, 48:58.89), Nicole Mootz (DeForest, 49:31.12) and Daniel Moore (Madison, 49:33.58).

Group winners in the 10K race were Huber (Male 14-19), Rufer (Male 20-29), Wangerin (Male 30-39), Doksus (Male 40-49), Hackos (Male 50-59), Ken Bowman (Male 70-and-up) of Sun Prairie, Boudreau (Female 20-29), DeGregorio (Female 30-39), Faylona (Female 40-49), Kimberly Beecher (Female 50-59) of DeForest and Heidi Elliott (Female 60-69) of Cambridge.

Joel Woldt (6:22.62) of Chicago took top honors in the mile fun run/walk, followed in the top 10 by C. Tanner (DeForest, 6:54.26), A. Chellevold (Madison, 7:13.71), T Tanner (DeForest, 7:41.27), Mason Knapp (Sun Prairie, 7:54.63), Paige Huber (DeForest, 8:00.61), L Gingerich (DeForest, 8:03.61), Bobby Gingerich (DeForest, 8:04.52), M Reiche (DeForest, 8:11.39) and Katie O’Halek (DeForest, 8:13.73).

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