It was announced on Tuesday, June 16 that the U-Pick Strawberry Farm, located at 5396 Hahn Road in DeForest, is cancelling its 2020 strawberry picking season.

The farm issued the following statement on its website and Facebook page:

“It is with great disappointment we have decided on the following. The weather pattern of the 2020 strawberry season has not been ideal for our patch. Our berries have set small and medium sized. As a result of possibly disappointing our valued customers, we will not be selling our berries to the public for fresh eating.”

The farm will still have products on sale for the current season.

“We will be making our own strawberry preserves (jams) infused with our CBD (Industrial Hemp) in addition to our current CBD line,” the statement continued. “We hope to see you in the field next year. We encourage you to support the other local strawberry farms. They work extremely hard and there are not a lot of us left.

“We appreciate your consideration of If you are in need of preserves, please visit our website for information about our CBD products.

“Thank you again for being a part of our berry family. Some days it rains, some days the sun shines… enjoy them all,” the statement concluded.

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